Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Ten Peso Bill - Japanese Occupation

Ten Peso banknote issued in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation.
The front features the Rizal Monument.


Anonymous said...

will somebody please tell me what a japanese ten pesos dollor bill is worth

MIKHAAIL said...

i have one of it.To BUY call or text 09083141413.thanks!

Jonathan said...

I have also two bills of P100.00 and P10.00, A Phil. money during the Japanese occupation. Can you help how much this it worth. Thank you.
Please contact me in my FB account: Jonathan Mongcal

Anonymous said...

i have also that kind of money how much i can sell it?

aiza said...

i have 1pc of ten peso bil if you are interested to buy it pls contact me in mu fb account aiza canonizado