Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

20 Centavo Coin - Culion Leper Colony

Twenty Centavo Coin (1922)
Culion Leper Colony
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Reverseo: Caduceus, "Philippine Health Service", year mark (1922) flanked by two stars
Obverse: "20 Centavos", "Culion Leper Colony", "Philippine Islands"

Shape: Round
Material: Copper-Nickel

20 Centavo Bill - Culion Leper Colony

20 Centavo Banknote
Culion Leper Colony (1942)
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Obverse: This certifies that the Philippines Commonwealth Bureau of Health Culion Leper Colony is obligated to pay the bearer twenty centavos in legal tender currency.
Reverse: Issued by authority of the President of the Philippines. Transmitted 2/9/42 through the Commanding General, USAFFE, Iloilo

20 Peso Bill - PNB Circulating Note (1937)

20 Pesos Banknote
Philippine National Bank Circulating Note (series of 1937)
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Obverse: William A. Jones and seal of the Philippine National Bank
Seal of the Philippine National Bank

Obverse: The Philippine National Bank will pay the bearer on demand twenty pesos in lawful money of the Philippines. Issue authorized March 24, 1937 under the provisions of act numbered 2612 of the Philippine Legislature as amended.