Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

1 Centavo Coin - New BSP Series

One Sentimo Coin
New BSP Series

Obverse: 1 Sentimo, "Republika ng Pilipinas", year mark
Reverse: logo of the Bankgo Sentral ng Pilipinas

Shape: round
Edge: reeded
Material: Copper-covered steel
Composition: 6% copper balance steel

Diameter: 15.5 mm
Weight: 1.9 grams

I scoured a huge bank in my city and found only three of these coins. The rarest of the current coins in use, this denomination is hardly necessary but Bangko Sentral has to mint them because they are required by law.


Anonymous said...

where can I get this?? I tried asking all grocery stores to give me a 1centavo coin included for my change but unfortunately none of them have this 1centavo coin. please let me know

Rex said...

It really is hard to find this coin. Even if you go to the bank they might not easily find one for you. If you have friends in BSP or other banks, they might be able to help.

Anonymous said...

There's a typo

Anonymous said...

Di ba nagbago na ng logo ang bangko sentral ng pilipinas...nangangahulugan ba nito na iwiwithdraw nila yung mga coins na nageexist ngayon....kasi lahat ng observe ng mga coins natin ngayon ay yung lumang logo ng bangko sentral....?

Anonymous said...

This coin, while legal tender, is not available to the general public. I believe the metal content greatly exceeds its face value. It is used primarily by banks to balance their books each day. Most banks have a few but only the people balancing the books have access to them. Most bank employees do not even know they exist.

bernard serapion said...

bakit wala naman akong nakitang 1CENTAVO ?
db pera din naman yun ?
sana lahat ng pera magamit malaki man o maliit....