Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

1 Peso Coin - New BSP Series

One Piso Coin
New BSP Series

Obverse: Jose Rizal, "Republika ng Pilipinas", 1 Piso, year mark
Reverse: logo of the Bankgo Sentral ng Pilipinas

Shape: round
Edge: reeded
Material: cupro-nickel
Composition: 75% copper, 25% nickel; from 2004 onwards, steel alloy

Weight: 6.1 grams
Diameter: 24 mm


Juvelyn Gulla said...

i`m just curious about what i hear. Is it true that Central Bank of the Philippines is collecting the 2004 1 peso coin?

rod anthony said...

can i ask some question?

what is the history of the logo or sign below the philippine hero's head?

if someone knows the answer please email me to my email address....

Anonymous said...

What is reeded?

Anonymous said...

Hmm this 1 peso coin have a melt value (75% copper) of 1.38 pesos (138% of face value), Filipino should know that they should hoard this 1 peso coins I know I would XD.

Imagine you gain 38 centavos for every 1 peso coin you own. Filipinos are rich they just didn't know it XD

Anonymous said...

The melt value of 1 peso prior to 2004 is more than the melt value of 1 US nickel (5 US cents), despite 1 peso's Face value is less than the US nickel, that's why the central bank of the philippines want them back to be remelted and sold to in the industry for profit.

Anonymous said...

why would they be collecting the 2004 1 peso coin? im trying to find out now.

Ann said...

what is a 1990 1 piso coin worth?

Anonymous said...

How much is 1 peso in American money

Anonymous said...

i just found this 2004 1 piso is different from other piso in this year. I believed its struck on foreign planchet..

Raymond Jester Almazan said...

I have a lot of 2004 philippine 1peso coin. Can i sell this to get a profit? LOL