Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

5 Peso Coin - New BSP Series

Five Piso Coin
New BSP Series

Obverse: Emilio Aguinaldo, "Republika ng Pilipinas", 5 Piso, year mark
Reverse: logo of the Bankgo Sentral ng Pilipinas

Shape: round
Edge: plain (design bordered by 12-scallop)
Material: nickel, brass
Composition: 70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc

Weight: 7.7 grams
27 mm

This coin has been counterfeited.


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Anonymous said...

I found two 5 piso coins dated " 2003 and 2004 ". I want to know how much they are worth in the philipines.

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Anonymous said...

how about the 5-peso year 2000?
is it really that rare?
i heard they minted a few in mindanao.
there is none in circulation.
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Flora and fauna series of 1991?

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Unknown said...

I have a Republika ng pilipinas 5 piso 1998. Is it worth anything.?

Anonymous said...

I have 10 PCs of 1991 5 peso coin.. How much do you intend to buy each piece?

Anonymous said...

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michael vic pangan said...

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