Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

50 Peso Bill - New Design Series

Fifty Piso Banknote
New Design Series

Obverse: Sergio Osmeña, Fuente Osmeña (Osmeña Fountain), gavel, Central Bank Seal
Reverse: National Museum "Pambansang Museo" (formerly Legislative Building)

Predominant color: Red
Security thread: 0.75 mm embedded and metallic

Length: 160mm
Width: 66mm
Thickness: 100-118 microns
Material: 10% linen, 90% cotton

Security Features:
security thread, red & blue visible fibers, fluorescent printing, iridiscent band, windowed security thread, and microprinting

Text: "Republika ng Pilipinas", "Limampung Piso", "Ang salaping ito ay bayarin ng Bangko Sentral at pananagutan ng Republika ng Pilipinas"

Sergio Osmeña was the second president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. He served as president from 1944, after Quezon's death, to 1946, when the United States granted the Philippines' independence.

The National Museum featured on the reverse side of the banknote, used to be the Legislative Building, where the House of Representatives that Osmena presided over as Speaker from 1907-1922 was located. The building was then renamed Executive House during the Martial Law period and was labeled as such in the fifty-piso banknote until recently.

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