Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

100 Peso Bill - New Design Series

One Hundered Piso Banknote
New Design Series

Obverse: Manuel A. Roxas, raising of the Philippine flag and lowering of the American flag during the declaration of Independence in July 4, 1946, Central Bank Seal
Reverse: Central Bank Complex along Roxas Boulevard with an inset image of the former Central Bank Building

Predominant color: Violet
Security thread: 0.75 mm embedded magnetic and metallic; for newer banknotes, 1.4 mm windowed colorshift (magenta-green) with cleartext “100”

Length: 160mm
Width: 66mm
Thickness: 100-118 microns
Material: 20% abaca, 80% cotton

Security Features: security thread, red & blue visible fibers, fluorescent printing, iridescent band, windowed security thread, and micro-printing

Text: "Republika ng Pilipinas", "Sandaang Piso", "Ang salaping ito ay bayarin ng Bangko Sentral at pananagutan ng Republika ng Pilipinas"

The 100-piso banknote became subject of controversy after banknotes printed in France in time for the Christmas season were printed with the President's name misspelled, the first in Philippine history. The banknotes, of which a small amount are in circulation and are still legal tender, spelled the President's name as "Gloria Macapagal-Arrovo" than the correct Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. More...


ash1106 said...

well i have one of those 100 dollar and i was wondering how i could change it for american money

rodrigo said...

Is this number of our Php 100 normal- Q002259? Most of our peso bills contain two letters.

Anonymous said...

bilhin ko po. 150. txt me. 09274816822