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Philippine Coins and Banknotes

5 Centavo Coin - American Occupation

Five Centavo Coin
American Occupation (1903)
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Obverse: figure of a man seated beside an anvil and holding a hammer with a volcano (Mt. Mayon) erupting in the background, "Five Centavos", "Filipinas"
Reverse: arms of the US Territories, "United States of America", year mark

Shape: round
Edge: plain

21.2 mm (1903-28)
19mm (1930-45)
Weight: 77.16 grains (1903-28)
75.16 grains (1930-45)
Composition: 75% copper, 25% nickel (1903-41),
65% copper, 12% nickel, 23% zinc (1944-45)

Designer: Melecio Figueroa

The dimensions of this coin were changed in 1930. When the size of the 20 centavo coin was reduced, it had about the same size as the 5 centavo coin. Because of the losses because of the confusion between the two coins, the 5 centavo coin was reduced in size.

The figure of the man in the obverse is an allegory for the hard work being done by the Filipinos in building their own future.

Arms of the US Territories

This is a braodwinged eagle, sitting atop a shield divided into two registers. The upper register has 13 stars, and the lower register has 13 vertical stripes.


B said...

hi guys!
i have a coin like this (5 centavo, American Occupation, 1903) but it's appearance (color) is not so good. How much do you think this coin will cost? I hope you can give me a range of amounts/values for this.

Belma Villanueva

ARSEN said...


i have a coin like this as well from 1932. How woud i go about checking the cost?

Anonymous said...

no one seems to know the value of these coins ive googled everything i know if u find out let me know i have a 1911

papet said...

ganda kaka inggit wala ako nito hahay..... sana meron aku T_T

kun aku sa inyu wak nyu e benta e tago nyu nlng pra sa mga apo nyu...

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Anonymous said...

Sadly the value of a 1 centavo and 5 centavo filipinas coins under the US goverment that are minted from 1903 to 1945 are not that expensive if you are wondering due to core composition. Mostly they are compose of copper,nickel and zinc.

On the other hand. If you guys have 10 centavo to 1 piso coins minted from 1903 to 1945 then you are lucky :)due to high % of silver composition

Philippine Money said...

Yes, how would you know the value of old coins and money? Is there any website that we can check for that.. Thanks!

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