Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

10 Centavo Coin - American Occupation

Ten Centavo Coin
American Occupation (1919)
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Obverse: Lady Liberty striking an anvil with a hammer with a volcano (Mt. Mayon) erupting in the background, "Ten Centavos", "Filipinas"
Reverse: arms of the US Territories, "United States of America", year mark

Shape: round
Edge: reeded
Diameter: 11.0mm
Material: silver
Designer: Melecio Figueroa

The figure of Lady Liberty striking the anvil with a hammer is supposed to depict the work done by the Americans in creating a progressive Philippines. Many suspect that the lady in the figure is actually Blanca, the daughter of the designer.

Arms of the Commonwealth

This is a braodwinged eagle, sitting atop a shield divided into two registers. The upper register has 13 stars, and the lower register has 13 vertical stripes.


Tiffany said...

If i have this exact coin. Ten centavos from 1918, how much would this be worth? Since it stated a one centavos coin from 1903 was selling for 4000 dollars.

Rex said...

A coin's worth depends on a lot of factors including its amount of wear, color tone, etc.

If the coin has no or very little wear, has a pleasing appearance, and has a rare date and/or denomination, then it might be worth something.

lyn said...

I have a 1911 ten centavo coin.How much does it worth?

kim Munoz said...

I had 1918s centavo much is this now?please email on my google acount or txt me.09076602471 f intrested

Anonymous said...

I found a ten centavo coin from1917 can anybody tell me how much is worth