Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Poll results: Which coins should be phased out?

After the voting period, a total of 27 casted their votes and here's what they have to say.

  • 17 (62%) do not want to phase out any coin
  • 10 (38%) want to phase out at least one coin wherein
    • 10 (37%) want to phase out the 1 centavo coin
    • 7 (25%) want to phase out the 5 centavo coin
    • 6 (22%) want to phase out the 10 centavo coin
    • 1 (3%) want to phase out the 25 centavo coin

Most of the voters do not see the need to phase out any coin. The preference to phase out a coin also decreases with an increase in its face value. Only one voted to phase out the 25 centavo coin, understandably because it is still widely used.

While our voters have chosen to keep all the coins legal tender, it does not prevent these small coins from being forgotten in piggy banks, drawers, and bag pockets.

In case you have a heap of coins cluttering your home or office, the Bangko Sentral has an award-winning program that aims to recirculate those coins and raise funds to provide computers to public schools.

The program's slogan sums it up: Ang Barya Mahalaga, Lalo na Kapag Pinagsama-sama

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