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Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Banknote error: blank reverse

Here is an interesting banknote error we encountered in ebay - the reverse of the 1,000 peso banknote was not completely printed! The image above shows the banknote with error (top) and how a normal banknote should have appeared (bottom).

The reverse of the error banknote is almost blank. Upon close inspection, it appears that all the lighter background colors were applied on the reverse in the litho printing step. What's missing is the dark-blue intaglio print which makes up most of the design.

, but the printer seems to have run out of the dark blue ink. This should give us an idea on how our paper money are printed.

Do you want to own this banknote? Hurry, before the auction ends! Buy it here.


Anonymous said...

hi, just a question. would you know how much is the market value of the limited gold 1000 peso commemorative bill with erap's face on it?

jhon said...

does someone have a picture of those banknotes the 1000 peso gold with erap's face

Anonymous said...

found this on the 2006 archives of this blog. I can't find additional info on it though.

Rex said...

These photos were posted on ebay before and I faintly remember the asking price to be 250 or 500 thousand pesos.

Frankly, I think there is no such thing as a 1000 piso gold banknote with Erap's face. The photos seem manipulated and there is no other information available except for the Wikipedia article which anyone could edit anyway.

If Erap wanted a super-special banknote to feature himself, why did they simply build upon the design of the existing 1000 piso note and not create a totally new one?

Jasmin said...

hi! i've only just read ur comment on my arrovo chronicles blog entry. hehe i got it so easily because i was watchful of it =) i bet you've got arrovo bills of your own =)


Anonymous said...

@Rex and @ Jhon- The Php 1000 Erap Gold Commemorative Bills do exist. I have one with me and I have kept it for the past 13 years now. I am kinda surprise with Rex when he said someone posted it on Ebay and asked for 250 to 500 thousand,now that sound interesting. I am here in Canada and if anyone is interested on buying them at the said amount I am willing to give it to them. I got the commemorative bill from a personal friend of mine. The son of the former President himself because he is the NInong of my daughter so this is 100% authentic. Send me an email if anyone is interested at

Anonymous said...

LOL My father has one. I've even held it a couple of times. These bank notes do exist. He doesn't plan on selling his, though. Not for a few years more.

Unknown said...

Im also have 1000peso bill banknote error how much the value of this bill.

nicoh said...

hi i have one blank reverse bank note. 1000 peso bill. new bank note released by atm machine. can it sell as much as that amount