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Strolling along the sidewalks of Rizal St. in Iloilo City, I noticed this coin buyer (doubling as a photocopier) near Gaisano Guanco. He was working for a Chinese coin dealer who has an American client who buys all the coins. He gave me a flyer with the following price list:

1903-1945 Philippine Silver Coins
  1. Peso-------------------P 190.00
  2. Fifty Centavos---------P 63.00
  3. Twenty Centavos--------P 27.00
  4. Ten Centavos-----------P 15.00
There was no mention of quality requirements but I assure you they're buying these coins at a bargain. I went to the next street and the last price I got for a Peso coin was P380.00!

If you're interested, they also buy American silver coins:

1837-1964 American Silver Coins
  1. Morgan Dollar-------------------P 220.00
  2. Peace Dollar---------------------P 200.00
  3. Half Dollar-----------------------P63.00
  4. Quarter Dollar-------------------P30.00
  5. Dime-----------------------------P15.00
Again, these prices are a bargain for them.


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Anonymous said...

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lee said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Posted: December 2016

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Evo Baldovi said...

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Mikoff Manduriao said...

Bumibili po b keu ng 1909 1 peso old coin

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