Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

50 Centavo Coin Error (1983 )

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Long before there was the "Arrovo" error on the 100 peso bill, there was the "Pithecobhaga" error on the 1983 fifty centavo coin. The coin which comes from the flora and fauna series depicts the monkey-eating eagle, more popularly known as the Philippine eagle on its reverse side. The scientific name of this eagle, which happens to be the country's national bird, is Pithecophaga jefferyi but the Central Bank wrongly minted it as "Pithecobhaga jefferyi". A biologist reported the error to the Central Bank who immediately corrected the coins.

See the blog entry for the correct coin.


nAM said...

Has any official from the BSP determined how many of these 1983 50 centavo erroneous coins were circulated? or how many were actually released into the market, before the error was noted.

And would you know how much a coin in reasonably good condition would go for these days?

Rex said...

According to this site:(, more than 28 million pieces were minted and the errors are not worth much more than the corrected versions because people purposely saved them due to publicity.

In ebay, some of these coins in good condition are selling at a little over a hundred pesos.

dennis sanjuan said...

i have a 2000-PISO CENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVE BANKNOTE,for how much can i sell it?

Jazmine Galang said...

what if i had a coin with a mistake like that??can i sell it??