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Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Indonesian Island in New Philippine Banknotes

I just got hold of my very own New Generation Currency Banknotes. As author of this blog, it is a shame it took me this long to get my hands on them. However, as I had my chance to actually scrutinize them in much detail, I spotted a weird island on the map on the reverse side, south of Mindanao. I found from Google Earth that the island is actually a depiction of the northern portion of Pulau Karakelong of Indonesia! Now how can BSP miss Batanes and include an Indonesian Island? (Sorry BSP for pointing this out.)

The shape of the island on the banknote design is unmistakably that of Pulau Karakelong even if whoever traced the shape of the island actually included only the northern portion. Compare the enhanced inset in the illustration above to the one on the banknote.

The island appears on both the 20 and 50 peso bills which I actually have but I'm sure it also appears on the rest of the denominations.

Looking at the illustration above, the 50 peso bill especially, the banknote design could have been better (and politically correct) had the island been excluded. Now I'm wondering if the Bangko Sentral's reason for excluding Batanes was actually an excuse.


edward said...

idol meron nang 400 years ng ust sa 200. quadricentinneal @ 200

izmir ├žetesi said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice find. Still waiting for our bills here in Mindanao. Seems we're always the last to receive new bills.

christianjuane said...

Actually, Pulau Karakelong is part of Talaud Islands which, together with Sangihe Islands, was claimed by the Philippines during the early days of the Republic. But the claim was abandoned later. I condemn the act of excluding Batanes, for this is a sign of neglection, however, I would like to see Sabah, Spratlys, Scarborough and Sangihe and Talaud areas to appear too.

Anonymous said...

anyone have new series replacement notes yet?

Pinoy-Numismatist-Network said...

Hi guys! Just want to share my insight on these errors. Early on, I was one of those who criticize our money for its errors. But a friend of mine once said, "Its not a science book, to be so accurate with those scientific names. Its not a map, to be so precise to have 7107 islands. Its not a photograph to be so accurate down to the very smallest pixel. These are very different things. Remember its a paper money." Then I smiled and realized his point.


arrielle said...

Informative post you have shared in here. Thanks!

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