Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Mintage of Philippine Coins

I came across a news article that reveals just how many circulation coins the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has minted over the years. Interestingly, the Philippines has the highest per-capita number of coins in Southeast Asia. There are roughly 150 coins for every Filipino but an "artificial" coin shortage is being felt because many of these coins are being hoarded in piggy banks, churches, etc.

Coin Denomination - Quantity (Value)
10 pesos - 419.8 million - P4.198 billion
5 pesos - 1.3 billion - (P6.5 billion)
1 peso - 4.3 billion - (P4.3 billion)
25 centavos - 5.5 billion - (P1.375 billion)
10 centavos - 2.4 billion - (P240 million)
5 centavos - 1.6 billion - (P80 million)
1 centavo - 18.7 million - (P187,000)

The question now is, where are all those 1 centavo coins?


Anonymous said...

Nowadays centavo coins are neglected, we think that centavo coins have no value because we always think that "ano mabibili mo sa ganyang halaga?" and the centavo coins are now everywhere from chairs, floors, roads, streets, sewers etc. then the Catholic Church introduced us the "Pondo ng Pinoy" the 25 centavo coins were saved but still 10, 5 and 1 centavo coins are STILL neglected and we don't take these coins with importance. We're very lucky if we saw too many 1 centavo coin in instance. How sad...

Anonymous said...

A very very nice website..hahaha..thank you!keep it up

Market! Market! said...

Where are all those 1 centavo coins?

I normally see them out in the open (on the ground), but no one wants to pick them up. I see street children picking up 1 peso coins.

Anonymous said...

i got 2pcs. 1 centavo coin 1995-1996 i stored this for my collection and now it's getting harder to find this cents..

Anonymous said...

The metal value of todays 1 centavo coin is infinitly more than its face value. It is therefore not available to the general public. It is used mostly by banks to balance their books at the end of the day.

darwinsvaleza said...

i'm lucky to have a one centavo coin and i am looking forward to have another one.

King AnimeKing said...

I pickd coins on the street like trash. People just throw it away like no value.

Unknown said...

My mother had a 1 pc of coin fifty centavos 1958 until now I keep it.