Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

100 Peso Bill Concept Design

This is the art work of the 100 peso bill that was presented to the members of the monetary board of the Central Bank of the Philippines back in 1968. The banknote was issued in 1969 and first printed by the Thomas' De La Rue and Co. LTD. of England.

I saw this on display at the Panublion Museum in Roxas City, Capiz. It gives us an idea of how banknotes are designed before they are finalized for actual printing.


Anonymous said...

This would be the forerunner of the current 100 peso bill. This would also serve as a prototype too.

StudentPolitician said...

If this prototype was made in 1969, why did it take 16 years (1985) before this design could be used?

StudentPolitician said...

I would also want to share this article by Romeo Castillo Mananquil who designed the 5 and 1000-peso bill of the New Design series as well as the proposed 500-peso Marcos bill.

kuroshitsuji said...

Incorrect! This bill was designed 1985 and issued 1986. The Central Bank logo and signatures are obviously not from 1968.

trading pins said...

Philippine Money show the richness of their culture.

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