Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Cheap collectors' items from BSP

The Bangko Sentral website was updated weeks ago and, surprisingly, they are now selling Bagong Lipunan, Pilipino Series, and English Series banknotes. What was more surprising? They were selling the notes at their former face value!

Thus, a 200 piso note from the English Series is also selling at 200 pesos. That is quite a bargain since, I would assume, they only offer uncirculated notes. Buying similar items at ebay or collector's shops would cost you much more. The website is also selling other commemorative coins and banknotes at relatively bargain prices. Of course! You're buying directly from the maker.

To order, you need to place an online inquiry and include your full name, contact number, and email address. Just hope they soon respond to your query. Last time I inquired about a commemorative coin they responded after more than a month.

Check out the commemorative coins and banknotes for sale at the BSP website.

Share the money

Collecting money is cool but sharing it with those who need help is even better.

Our brethren in China and Myanmar need all the help and support we can give. While death tolls have reached the tens of thousands, millions continue to suffer from the lack of basic needs, even as you are reading this blog post. Let's not stop at reading the news and feeling sorry for them. Take real action in helping them.

Donate to the victims of the China quake

Donate to the victims of the cyclone in Myanmar

Please post these donation gadgets for China & Myanmar in your own websites or blogs or simply refer your friends to this page. For every dollar you donate, Google will match it with another dollar.

Please let us know you have donated by leaving a comment. ^_^

Waiting for the new 100 peso bills

It's already the middle of May and still, there is no sign of the 100 peso bill with the UP centennial overprint. Of course we have the uncut notes, but the centennial notes are yet to be in circulation.

It makes me wonder why it's taking so long. Or am I just too excited? I have seen the 2008 series of the 20, 50, and 500 peso bills but the 100 peso notes are nowhere to be found. I've checked with some banks and the newest hundred bills they got are still dated 2007.

Perhaps the Bangko Sentral has yet to exhaust their inventory of the 2007 series? Or is it possible they're holding off the release while the uncut notes continue to sell?

Whatever the reason, surely the banknotes with the UP oblation will be in circulation this year-the centennial year of the University of the Philippines.

Piloncitos - the first coins of the Philippines

Piloncitos are tiny engraved bead-like gold bits unearthed in the Philippines. They are the first recognized coinage in the Philippines circulated between the 9th and 12th centuries. They emerged when increasing trade made barter inconvenient.

The term piloncito comes from the word pilon, a local sugar container that resembles the coin. They are engraved with the Brahmanic character "ma" which looks like an upside down "R". We can only guess that this character refers to the pre-colonial kingdom of Ma-yi which is roughly the Philippines we know today.

Many piloncitos were unknowingly melted into jewelry in the past and very few exist today.