Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

A whole sack of shredded money

-removed by request of BSP-


Mitch said...

Why did they shred the money, why they did not give it to me.... he he he

blankpixels said...

75 million pesos! hehehe. kulit. we went there in bangko sentral back in HS. we had a tour of the place and saw some shredded bills, too. we asked for a whole bag of it, just as a souvenir, but they didn't allow us to bring any. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Where are you located? Is it possible for me to pick it up. I'm located here in Quezon City.

Rex said...

Sorry, I'm based in Iloilo.

eric said...

rex, penge ako konti sa envelope lang..

ill be there this sunday :)


emina said...

pwede po bang pahingi naman? T_T
gsto ko souvenir!
iwan ko po yung friendster ko sa URL, ok? 8D

Anonymous said...

why did they shred money?

janel santelices said...

pwede po pahingi ng pics o di kaya kung di po tlaga pwede yung info na lang po ng ibalik niyo :(( kahit wala yung mga pics.. pls po

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