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Philippine Coins and Banknotes

100 Peso University of the Philippines Silver Proof

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100 Piso Silver Proof Coin (1983)
University of the Philippines Diamond Jubilee

Obverse: UP Oblation, "Pamantasan ng Pilipinas", "1908-1983", Quezon Hall (UP Diliman Administration Building), Gonzalez Hall (UP Diliman Main Library)
Reverse: Seal of the Republic of the Philippines, "100 Piso", "Republika ng Pilipinas"

Composition: 50% silver, 50% copper
Diameter: 38.00mm
Weight: 25grams
Mintage: 2000 pieces

Full text:

The Central Bank of the Philippines has commissioned the Royal Mint to strike a limited number of silver 100 piso proof coins, in commemoration of the diamond jubilee of the University of the Philippines.

The reverse depicts the seal of the Republic of the Philippines, adopted in 1946. Contained within the seal are elements from former Coats of Arms; the Lion from the Spanish period and the Eagle form the American era. The centre cartouche reflecting the sun with 8 rays, symbolizes independence and the 8 provinces which rose in revolt against Spain in 1896.

The obverse reflects the Oblation, a statue of a young man in a symbolic gesture of sacrificial offering for country and humanity. Created in 1934 by the famous Filipino sculptor, Guillermo E. Tolentino, it now stands in front of the Administration building of the University of the Philippines.

Each coin contains 50% silver and 50% copper, weighs 25 grams and measures 38.00mm in diameter. A maximum of only 2000 will be issued for worldwide distribution, of which 750 are included in the 1983 Philippines proof coin collection.

It is advisable to avoid handling proof coins as fingerprints or marks will spoil them.


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I found a coin exactly like this on the LRT. i wonder how much it'll be worth if I sell it. I'm not a coin collector so i really have no use for it.

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Lucky you. I am interested in buying that... how much are you willing to sell it for?

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share ko lang ...
"Mr. John Riley commented on the speech of Dr. Greg Pineda about The Mystery of 1907 Proof US-Philippine One Peso Coin. He stated that several trial pieces of 0.800 fine and 0.900 fine were struck at the Philadelphia US Mint to test the newly reduced size silver 1907 One Peso: and the two best quality pieces, one 0.800 fine and one 0.900 fine were presented for approval.

The Central Bank Museum acquired the 0.900 fine Peso while the other went to Dr. Greg Pineda. The rest of the trial pieces are believe to be in the hands of a Filipino Collector."

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I have it too..Can I sell it?