Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Shredded Philippine Money in a Box

Last time we featured shredded Philippine banknotes in plastic bags. I recently found out that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas also packages these in nice plastic containers. This is the description at the back:

"The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is the central monetary authority of the Philippines. Its objective is to maintain price and banking stability. As a monetary manager, it is responsible for
printing Philippine currency notes as well as their issuance and retirement from the system.

As part of its commitment to the preservation of the environment and the conservation of resources, unfit banknotes and production waste are converted to briquettes for recycling purposes.

The box containing this briquette is made of recycled material. This briquette contains about 400 pieces of 100-Piso banknotes with the total face value of P40,000."

Apparently, the box contains an assortment of all banknotes, and not just 100-Piso banknotes as stated. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and colorful souvenir of Philippine paper currency.

UPDATE: I have some shredded 500 peso bills to spare. I can send you some but you will need to pay for freight and packaging costs. Send me an email at the address below if you're interested.


eyron said...

can we buy this shredded money as a souvenir?

Rex said...

This box of shredded money was given as a token during the National Statistics Month celebration. I'm not sure if it is sold by BSP. On the other hand, shredded money in plastic bags are sold by BSP for about P10 each.

eyron said...

how can i get one?

baratmode said...

We got one :) It was given by a cousin who works in BSP. we're lucky to have one :)

lara said...

hi! i'm an artist and was thinking of using the shredded money as part of a collage. would you know what dept and/or with whom i can get in touch with at BSP to talk to about this? i gave them a call at their manila and QC branch & they both said they had no knowledge of selling shredded money. I would really appreciate it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, may I just ask what branch of bsp sells shredded Phil moneys?