Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

Uncut Sheet of Banknotes

Image courtesy of jt40tmh of ebay

These banknotes are interestingly, uncut. In one large sheet of uncut paper money are 32 pieces of banknotes. That is how they print them in the mint. Sometimes, uncut sheets of eight banknotes (2 columns of four) are also available for collectors.

The banknotes in the photo are specimen notes which mean they are not of legal tender. However, I have seen uncut legal tender banknotes. Those you can use to pay for your groceries. Just imagine the cashier's surprise if you hand out an uncut sheet for payment. Without the "specimen" overprint, uncut notes are still legal tender.

Most likely you won't be doing that though. There aren't too many uncut sheets around so they fetch a high price in the numismatic community. I saw a sheet of eight 10 peso bills (new design series) for sale at SM Megamall for 600 pesos. A similar sheet of 20 peso bills with overprint was 1,200 pesos.

This definitely makes a good collectors' item.


Mon said...

"Parang ang yabang nun ano... pabili nga... me panukli ba kayo?" Tapos labas nuing uncutna pera... hehe

nikko said...

saan ba nabibili yan mga uncut? aside from other collectors?

Eduardo Decena III said...

Hi I have 10 peso uncut bill but im still looking for the right price... still searching.. you can email me at thanks bro

Mia said...

Hi im selling uncut 20 peso bills (BSP Series). Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

I have an uncut sheet of 40 - 1998-2000 500 Piso specimen bills P185s signature 14. AC000000
This is stored in a picture frame