Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes

5 Peso Coin - Improved Flora and Fauna Series

Five Peso Coin (1991)
Improved Flora and Fauna Series

Obverse: Emilio Aguinaldo and year mark
Reverse: Pterocarpus indicus

Shape: Round
Edge: Reeded
Diameter: 25.5 mm
Composition: Nickel brass

There was no 5 peso coin in the previous flora & fauna series. When the Bangko Sentral issued the improved series, they introduced this 5 peso coin to replace the 5 peso bill. The peso was diminishing in value due to inflation. The 5 peso banknote changed hands more frequently and got worn out easily. To save on the costs of printing new banknotes to replace those worn out, the Bangko Sentral turned to minting 5 peso coins which last a lot longer compared to paper money.

This is the same reason why the Bangko Sentral replaced the 10 peso bills with coins.


Anonymous said...

Hello. I think there might be a correction to the year in the 5 peso coin. I think it's 1991 instead of 1997.

Anonymous said...


Is this coin of any value? We have a considerable volume of this particular coin? Would you advise on how much it is worth now for collectors?

Anonymous said...

at the lower shoulder of aguinaldo there is a symbol... what is it?

Anonymous said...

about the symbol... It is an alibata character, meaning "Pi"

Anonymous said...

hello i am one of the collector of this coin i can buy each 5 peso coin for 30 pesos... pm me if you want i am from manila.. give me a message @

Anonymous said...

how about the 5-peso year 2000?
is it really that rare?
i heard they have a few in mindanao?
there is none of these in circulation. try it!

Anonymous said...

Sir,I have 15 pcs of that 5 peso want to buy?if your interested you can message me at