Philippine Peso Coins and Banknotes

Philippine Coins and Banknotes


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Scott Tappa said...

Cool blog. May I recommend another site that has a wealth of paper money and coin information: NumisMaster, We just released paper money pricing on the site, and have lots of paper money news and commentary.

Scott Tappa

CDVL said...

Happy New Year!
I'll be seeing you around the forums and the blogs hehehe
you've got a great site! I'm checking and rechecking my want-list versus your galleries hehehe
i'll add you up on my blogroll =)

treskeidecamania said...

i keep searching for bloggers dealing on philippine numismatic and philately. thanks and i found you. hope these could be a great start to form a roll of philippine numismatic. kindly visit and link my I have so much more to post and update my numismatic collections. for now, most of my post confined on philippine philately. many thanks friend

Anonymous said...

Just thought if your interested in WWII Guerilla Notes PNB's and Commonwealths from the Time period drop by;

bugtong na may sagot said...

nice blog.. you can comment to my blog its a dofollow blog. so that you can recieve more link

Every Peso Counts said...

I used to collect old currencies but just lost my collection. I love your blog and will probably be visiting often.

Please add me to your blogroll. You link has already been added to mine, just check the sidebar. :)

GbSb said...

Nice Blog about Philippine Money. I will used this as reference to my research.

iraq currency said...

nice article..really appreciate your work..

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